09 November 2015

What Today, O Noble Rodent?

Been a low-key day.  I got up and going rather promptly, because I was feeling pressured to get going on hammering my next article into shape to submit to a journal - part of my "official" sabbatical work.  Took a lot less time than I expected.  It was in quite good shape as it was.  Need to write an abstract and then off it goes.  Just one more little, itty-bitty one, and I've accomplished what I wanted for the sabbatical.

It's getting chillier out, which I like.  I love the new car.  Things are going well, yet...  As the time approaches to return to Lexington, I am starting to fill with trepidation and loathing.  I've never enjoyed living here in DC as much as I have this stay.  Maybe that's because with the sabbatical, it was twice as long a stay as usual.  Then also, we got married, we got the living room nicely spruced up, got a wonderful vacation in.  So Kentucky is an exercise in "how ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?" - except I've been wanting off the farm for years now.  These days, my job brings a lot of sadness and frustration and anger (can you tell I'm in education?)  I don't like feeling bad, and I especially don't like dealing with stupid, short-sighted people, and I hate to disappoint you but the education profession of teeming with that sort.  So part of me is not looking forward to the potential negative feelings that come with being back at the university.  I don't have all that long till retirement, but at this point that cannot come too fast.

So I'm mostly happy with just a bit of unhappiness around the edges.  Whether that's being mostly sunny or partly cloudy in emotional terms, I don't know.


  1. you MUST be able to transfer your credentials to another university in the DC area, right?

    now that you are a married man, your place is with your husband and not some snot-nosed college brats.

    hope you find a workable solution.