20 September 2006

Quiet corner

Indeed, my friend, your wish is my command. I've put in a cozy little nook for you and Kel to sip a little wine -- and coffee in the AM, of course.


  1. the red HAS got to go - that is SO, last century . . . or the one before . . . actually the one before that . . .

    the feng shui is just not working here -

    "It takes s lot of time being a genius, you have to sit around so much, doing nothing." Gertrude Stein

  2. oh... sniff,sniff... I'm sorry you don't like it... sniff,sob... I thought it would make you happy... sob,sniff... that's OK... sniff... I can change it; it won't be any trouble... sob,weep... I just want you to be happy... weep,weep...

    (The don't call me "wicked" for nothing! )

  3. after a few glasses of wine I'm sure it will look just fine . . .