20 October 2006

Fun with Hamsters!

Thought I might post a couple of pics from last weekend's HamsterFest, so that you may better understand from what greatness I am spawned.

Here we have two hamster cousins welcoming traveling flightless fowl to the festivities. TR was most touched by the simple warmth and kindness of all the fine folk.

Here we have one of the great, beloved, and venerated hamster matriarchs, posing gleefully with her favorite nephew. In the background you see the vehicle used for the traditional "hayride," which involves tearing through wooded trails at breakneck speed with an ATV pulling a flimsy wagon. Rule #1: When someone yells "Duck!" take it seriously. Good times... Good times...

At nightfall, a large bonfire is built and all the hamsters sit around in a circle, reminiscing and talking about how great it is to be a hamster from Cleveland. Everyone ends up with a face that looks sunburnt. It's really quite the bonfire. Weenies and marshmallows are roasted, but most of them simply burst into flames and fall off or evaporate. Uncle Johnnie's anti-freeze throws off the visual acuity a bit. Oh yes, then comes the NIGHTTIME hayrides. We lose more cousins that way...


  1. I skipped the hayride and made sure that Travel was safe, self preservation runs high in my family.


  2. So YOU stole the little hayride wagon last weekend. It's YOUR fault we didn't get a little ride at my FIL's last weekend... here I was geared up for the hayride like last year, but instead we hung out in the house and quibbled over putting paprika on deviled eggs!

    Had to look hard for the flightless fowl. I found ya!

  3. I would have recognized the hamster clan anywhere! strong resemblance to the profile picture ;)