30 November 2006

News from Bert!

I thought I'd check in on our London friends to make sure their silence was not an indication of having gone out for sushi recently. Happily all is well! Bert wanted me to let everyone know that he is fine and just plain busy. To wit:

"I have a lot of paperwork and 5 year olds in my life. Less than 3 weeks to my coursework first deadline."

That explains it. Nothing much here - said the man whose daily commute consists of walking upstairs.

Despotic Cheers to All!


  1. Glad to hear that the English Delegate is doing fine.

  2. I just keep looking at this photo - it totally cracks me up - and then I have nothing to say . . .

    I know, amazing - must be the holidays . . .

  3. So, are those spring rolls? 'Cause I always thought hamsters were more the calamari type...

  4. I hope those aren't California rolls made with krab with a "k"...


    Where's the spicy Hamachi?

  5. Briefly popping in - and briefly popped in on my own.
    Looking forward to Happy Feet this Christmas.