17 February 2007

A Fleecy Flock

Greetings once again nature lovers! Though penguins are, of course, extremely adorable creatures (they will hurt me if I don't say things like that), many consider our little flock of sheep here to be the cutest and cuddliest inhabitants of our happy, little dwelling -- next to WH, of course (he'll hurt me if I don't say things like that).My fuzzy, fluffy companions here are (l to r): Max, SleepySheepy, Lambie, and Daisy. They are especially grateful for their cozy wool coats in the chilly temps we've been having. And for those of you who think we only have strange animals living in this house: See! a flock of perfectly normal sheep. They haven't even been to France!

Later - Lanfranc the P.


  1. I know where Max is hiding.


  2. I'm overwhelmed with the cuteness..

  3. I am starting to worry about dust mites . . .

    I expect to see LaFranc loading the crew into the dryer for a little fluff time