27 June 2007

Deus Vult! (again)

Members of the Imperial Hamster General Staff visit the Pope to seek his blessing for the campaign against the heretic Scots.
(Queen Sophia hinted that he'd like the idea.)
Here, the Hereditary Imperial Lord High Marshall conveys The Hamster's greetings to the Pontiff.
(His Holiness appears pleased!)


  1. Appears very pleased indeed. The troops have moved from Germany and are ready for your word to start the invasion.

    So let it be written..so let it be done.

  2. I still want to see if you blow into his ring if it will make a kazoo noise...

  3. Did you ever notice that the Pope looks like Palpatine from Star Wars? I'm Catholic, so it's ok for me to say that.

  4. We have a witty new reader...

  5. Ya know, for quite some time now, I've gotten a "that face looks familiar" feeling. You're right, Palpatine - esp. in full face close-up. Oh goodie, just what we need! Don't know about the kazoo, but it has struck me from the beginning that the ring was overly large - and I'm hardly one who goes in for understatement.

    We rejoice that Volvomom now counts herself amongst our loyal subjects! Our empire grows daily from simple attraction to our glorious and benevolent rule. Have any interest in conquering Scotland my dear??? They'll be booty, estates, and a yummy finger-food buffet.

  6. I'm all about conquering Scotland. After all, kilts are damn expensive here in the States. You just know they're keeping a monopoly on them for their own self-interest. I bet they're a $1.50 there. And here I have to pay upwards of $100 plus. And let's not even begin talking about the cost of that kilt pin!

    Count me in as the espionage expert. I'm good at accents. Just ask Woodchuck's wife.