23 July 2007

Forward.... March!

Let's see... Have to make sure I've got everything before I leave....

Portable throne - check
Imperial minions & bureaucrats to impose regulations, taxes, and otherwise bring civilization - check
Fish tacos - check
Selection of fine ales - check
Tasty little hamster treats - check
Custard tarts - pick up on march through England
Map to distilleries -check
Invitations to victory brunch - pick up at Kinko's on the way out; mail once we get there
oh yes...
Invincible rodent army - watch some twit forget to bring the invincible rodent army; I hate when that happens!


  1. I see you forgot the chocolate and wine . . .

  2. Meritt's address to send her post cards....

    NOT CHECKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Do we have that address? I was so busy reading Harry Potter last weekend that I didn't prepare mailing lables for post cards.


  4. Your false "Bad English" teeth to blend in with the natives??

  5. I'm good with the Fish Tacos and ales.