20 October 2008

Back to Seattle

After the state visit to British Columbia, the barge headed back to Seattle at full speed.
You can imagine how hard the little guys on the treadmills below decks had to work to turn up a wake like that!

Upon our return, We were of course, met by local officials and nobles.
Who were thoughtful enough to provide a nice new throne for Our use.
Hamster just LOVES pretty new thrones!

Then it was off to meet with our highest officials and most trusted councillors. Starting with an informal working lunch.
Note the port-a-flock once again provided security. Also, Butterball came along for the ride, eager to meet the most famous Woodchuck!

Many persons of the loftiest importance were in attendance.
Including the youngest members of the high nobility.
We then went off on a tour of the area and local artistic sites, including glass sculptures in Tacoma.
Members of the court were rapt in attention.
In the 17th century, a picture such as this would have been titled "The Beauties of the Court."
Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder...
We have always believed that a wholesome and devoted family life amongst the younger nobility, such as the Squirrels, sets a fine example for the lower orders of society.
The day concluded with a state dinner at a Rogue Pub, the preferred beer-joint of the Imperial Court.
All in all, a perfectly tyrannical time was had by all. We must do this again some time soon!!!
Later that evening, the Imperial Air Marshall pulled up in "Despot 1" and We were flying off back to Lexington with so many happy memories!!!
WHEREAS, We were provided with a right-regal reception and delightfully despotic diversion on Our visit to Seattle, it's titles and promotions all around!

Woodchuck is hereby created Governor-General of Our Pacific Realms and Lord of the Woodlands.

Kel is hereby created Supreme Over-Mistress of checking opening hours and Queen of the Arts.

Squirrel is hereby created Imperial ArchForester, Master of Imperial Chain Saws, and Commissar of the Mold Detection Directorate.

Mrs. Squirrel is hereby created Rodentine Chief Justice for the Western District, with the power to hang at whim.

The Right-Noble Demoiselles Maraya, Elleah, and Baby Squirrel are created Princesses of the Rodentine Blood.

-- By Decree of The Hamster


  1. Did you have to give her the power to hang at whim? It'll go straight to her head.

  2. Thanks! I just knew she would like it! (And, oh yes, keep your head down...)

  3. OMG! I just now got on the actual computer (ok, seperate-log in for work and all, but oficial rodentine computing) and I LOVED this post!

    I have read it twice now and called in teh youngest Princess of the Rodentine Blood (the other downstairs with Woodchuck reviewing genetic probability, no seriouslly, but I found humor in it too)

    note: need new sunglasses bicycle glasses not so chic . . .

  4. In these parts, "genetic probability" means the chances you have of marrying your cousin in any given county.

  5. Those are some awesome pictures! LOL. Some were just really well done, some were of capturing 'just' the right moment and others were just funny.

    Loved it!