04 February 2007

The Aviary: Chapter One of Many

Howdy once again, platypus fans! WH was so pleased with my last post, that he's letting me fill in for him a little while longer. Well... you knew it was coming. As you know, I live with an extraordinarily large number of penguins. Amazing, considering the vast majority of them live only in the southern hemisphere; the relatively few up here live either in zoos, theme parks, or WH & DG's living room.

Now, penguins, as everyone knows, are very special and extraordinary birds to begin with. I, however, have the privilege of living with some very special and extraordinary penguins. In the course of my stay as narrator of the Wicked Hamster Blog, I will introduce you to a few of them. Unlike wombats (I'm still working on Rodney) most penguins adore the spotlight - genetic high self-esteem being only one of their many virtues.

Let's start with George:We found George just outside of DC, in Alexandria VA in fact, just a stone's throw from the Pentagon. I can't go into his work when he was there, since it remains classified. But like me, he too was tired of the DC rat-race, and when he heard about the luxury colony in Kentucky with so many avians of distinction, he jumped at the chance.

George is a big Harry Potter fan, so much so that he actually applied to the world-famous academy of penguin-wizardry, Frostwarts School, and graduated with honors. I got him to pose in his regalia, as you see. Isn't he striking in profile?More to come!

-- Lanfranc the Platypus


  1. ROTFL... George chose to dress as madam instead of Harry. Interesting choice George. :)

  2. George asked me to remind you that pants are hard to wear when you don't have legs.

  3. It is hard to design pants with a 1/2 inch inseam.

  4. more coffee . . . need more coffee - seeing penguins in wizard wear . . .

  5. Very nice, going with the classic look is very sharp.

    1/2 inch inseam, times two here. And people wonder why I just let my little tushy fly free.