10 May 2007

One if by land, two if by sea...

Here, our All-Capybara Amphibious Assault Battalion trains squirrel-monkeys (a primate clever enough to give itself a rodentine identity) for assault on Scottish coastal fortifications. Victory is assured!
-- Your All-Conquering and Ever-Victorious Despot


  1. I see that you have recieved one of the spy photos of the new Assault crafts that we have been working on in you honor.

    Long live the Hamster!

  2. That is one ugly little craft.

  3. He doesn't look like a killer squirrel monkey?

  4. Oh what will we think of next? I am not sure I want to know.


  5. ... um, why are we invading Scotland?

    Isn't that a little bit like Alex P. Keaton "invading Canada in the morning?"

  6. Target of opportunity. We'll be vacationing in Yorkshire this summer, and The Hamster never ceases from his efforts at global domination. Besides, it's kinda pretty. I'd like to own it. I was thinking of giving up on the idea when The Queen was here last week, but I really didn't like the coffee-pot she brought me.