06 October 2007

Blogger's Block

Well... I've been racking my brain for ideas for a post, and have come up with bubkes. Anybody got any ideas?


  1. That cute little deer in the headlights look . . . love at first sight!


  2. How 'bout this...

    A hamster in a bowl walks into a bar and meets up with a penguin, a woodchuck and a drunk squirrel on his way to rehab...

    I'll let you take it from there, I just wanted to plant the seed of success, you have to cultivate it.


  3. That's not a bowl. The pic was taken right at the end of Imperial Happy Hour.

  4. Now you're talking! Reminds me of a pizza joint in the college town I went too called Gambinos. They were rather proud of their signature fish bowls of beer.

  5. just two lost souls swimmin' in a fish bowl . . .

    how will the new regime handle waste?

    who will be the new minister of waste reduction?

    or you could just review fall campus fashions and trends

  6. "a woodchuck and a drunk squirrel on THEIR way to rehab..."

    It's all about the RUM. The Rogue RUM that is.