23 December 2007

Happy Holiday Hamster House - part 2

We continue out tour with the grand foyer. Note the handsomely upholstered chairs. Lay-Z-Boys. Yep! "designer middle-aged male" look strikes again!
Just off the foyer is the grand staircase. OK, so I did do animal lights here, but they're penguins; hardly over-the-top in this house. They're new this year.
Panorama from the foyer.
Since we are on the verge of Christmas Eve, the official holiday "from our house to your house" posting will be forthcoming. We will then extend our holiday celebrations into the 12 days with, most likely, displays of robotic penguin choreography. Stay tuned! (Besides, what else do you have to do? It's Christmas.) ;-)


  1. COTS (child over the shoulder - trying to stay "hip" to all the lingo) says "oooh, that is just wrong" as she notices the penguin lights "go back up to that other picture "oh, yeah, so wrong"

  2. I approve of said penguin lights and especially enjoy the holstein pillow. It's very "the farm were Mrs. Squirrel grew up".

  3. We also have a lovely set of Holstein lights, which didn't go up this year.