12 January 2008

Fab 5 Eat Your Heart Out!

Assiduous readers of the comments on Kel's blog will know that DG wants to redo his bathroom. I think that's a fine thing. The problem is, he keeps rejecting my decorating ideas.
Too much tile maybe???


  1. Unless you spring for the heated floors, you'll never set a wee hamster foot in that joint. Our throne room has tile floors too and God help you in the morning if you step of the small rug...

  2. I'm on the second floor with heated space below. We would have to push back a wall, move a staircare, Oh I really don't like bath tubs, can I have a gold and marble tile shower instead?


  3. And leave the tub and add the shower in the same tile to bring the two together. The rings on the tub should be gold in color to bring out the gold in the tile.

  4. Not at all.

    Just a couple tiny, itty bitty things though. Take off that very top layer of tile. Remove the yellow tree tiles. Take away the chaise lounge and the settee and then remove the candlesticks to where the chairs were.



  5. too many things going on here . . .

    I suggest you talk to Squirrel - APPARENTLY he has been watching A LOT of HGTV lately by the look of his last post . . .

    heat lamps

    shower stall lighting

    all solar powered of course . . .

  6. BTW, after reviewing the photo again, I do suggest updating to running water - these little things do add value

  7. Ya know, I've never understood what heat lamps in bathrooms are for. I mean, usually the place is warm and steamy - so what do you need a heat lamp for? Perhaps this goes back to the days when everyone took baths? If you have an answer, let me know.

  8. PS: I'll also consider the running water idea. But I'm concerned... what will the servants do with all that spare time?

  9. man the pump to get the running water?