31 July 2008

Lazy, Hazy Days

Kel's perspicacity (see her comment on previous post) has shown itself keenly astute once again. Rolling into August does bring on a season of doldrums. It's gotten humid, and they keep threatening close to triple-digit heat, though they've been mostly way off on that, due to highly unstable weather patterns coming in from the heartland. Likely the result of all the hail that silly Squirrel had to go and stir up in the Dakotas. Anywho, We've mainly just been laying about the Summer Palace, showing Ourselves to the public on the balcony every now and then to receive the adoring accolades of Our subjects. . .
reading, doing some crosswords, figuring out whether Uruguay is worth conquering, watching the new season of "Project Runway." You know, the usual Imperial Hamster Summer stuff.


  1. Look like the Pope propped up to address the masses.


  2. you made me go look up Project Runway -

    I have a vision - Molly Ringwald hosting, ala "Pretty In Pink" Trash to Treasure - vintage finds to fashion

    bonus- recycling ;)