19 September 2008

Come Sail Away With Me...

Well Hamsterfans, get ready! Here We begin Our account of the trip to the great northwest! First, let Us give you a little tour of the Imperial Rodentine Barge.

First, a general view on Our Amusements Deck, preparing to depart Our good city of Seattle.

Lots of room to scutter amongst the shavings! The lotus-plant light fixtures and shiny decor are meant to recall Cleopatra's famous golden barge.

Here is a view of the Great Hall. Behind in the center you see the stairs and balcony where We make official appearances to adoring assembled multitudes.

Like so...

Sometimes I assemble the subjects in Our floating Opera House for a morale-building HamsterHarangue:

Here is the entrance hall to Our Private Deck. No photography is allowed as We do not want visitors mucking about smushing down the exotic aromatic shavings...

We will, however, give you a peek at the hot and cold running Jacuzzis.

If WC or Sq sail with Us sometime, We'll have them changed to ale and lager.

Of course, We take very good care of Our trusty crew. Here's the Crew's Mess.

Up these stairs is the entrance to Our Private Dining Deck. Again, no photography allowed, but note the entrance to Our Wine Cellar on this deck.

More soon!


  1. Delusional little tyrant.


  2. Hey... delusions make the world livable!

  3. "delusions make the world livable!"

    he does have a point here -

    I think I need a cruise - seriously, WC get me a cruise!

  4. A cruise? TR suggests this one; it's his favorite:

  5. Hey, how did I get stuck with lager? Maybe we could do Porter & Stout, that sounds better.

  6. Stout tends to put a strain on the aerators. Trust me.

  7. I've never seen such an EMPTY ship! LOL