27 July 2020

Meet the Pets - Part 3: Little Bob Penguin

Little Bob (so called because he looks exactly like Bob Penguin, except he's smaller) is an inveterate traveler and Francophile.  He's very sweet and generally aimiable, except that he demands to be taken to France periodically.  We are happy to oblige.  Some of his travel photos follow.

L. Bob always has is passport at hand and his bag packed.

Just off the chunnel train in Lille.

Getting to know the locals.

Navigating across the Pont de Normandie.

Outside the country gite we rented outside Rennes.

Hobnobbing with the country folk.

L. Bob adored the seafood in Brittany!

Admiring the Impressionists at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris.

                                            At the Musée Rodin.

  Where kings once trod, on the Marble Court at Versailles.

A favorite photo of his, trying on beak blush at Guerlain.


  1. When it is safe to travel, we really should take him back to France. I have the frequent flyer miles.

  2. petit bob, c'est formidable! tu es un voyageur du monde!

  3. Little Bob gets around. I love those photos!

  4. {sigh} I can't wait until Americans can travel again...

    Little did we expect the border wall to be this expansive.