23 August 2020

Alexandria Cemetery

Finally got a round to visiting the old Alexandria cemetery.  Quite interesting, and it was a lovely day for a stroll.  In addition to the city cemetery there is a national cemetery on the premises. Below are various worthy photos, some with commentary.  Enjoy... if that's the right word.


 Few condos in Alexandria can boast such spectacular graveside views.

In Alexandria, everyone knows where the Boddies are buried.

It's not unusual for a town to have a Jewish cemetery and a Catholic cemetery, but Alexandria is even more discriminating when it comes to burial.


 Alexandrians also believe in honoring their physicians.



  1. Lots of history around here.

  2. I love wandering cemeteries, but, although the neighbours would be very quiet, I wouldn't buy a condo bordering one.

  3. we never visited those cemeteries when we lived down there. interesting.

  4. The backyard of the house I grew up in bordered on a cemetery. We weren’t allowed to play outside if there was a funeral going on and it made watching horror movies awful. But, I inherited my grandmother’s fascination with old cemeteries. There’s so much interesting history to be found and it’s fun to try to imagine the stories behind some of the inscriptions.

  5. There is a cemetary near our neighborhood, and it happens to be a great Pokemon Go spot. No, I do not play... but a friend does, so it was always a favorite walking spot.