20 October 2020

The Curio

A few of days ago, Anne Marie asked what was in our living room curio cabinet.  I gave a verbal reply, but it dawned on me that I should give a little tour.  So here goes, from the top down...

 On top is a lovely hand made glass vase/sculpture we found in a small art glass studio in West Virginia.  The elderly gentleman works mostly alone, and his pieces go for big bucks.  Happily, he had a small shop on premises with items he wasn't entirely satisfied with - happily at slashed prices.  Whatever the flaw was in this piece, we were never able to find it. 

Top shelf are Godfrey heirlooms.  The two small silver boxes in the middle David made in a jewelry class he took in college.

 As you see, the heart of the collection is a series of bunnies, penguins, and the occasional sheep in glass, wood, ceramic, semi-precious stones, etc.  There's Lalique, Venetian glass, a Faberg√© replica, malachite, quarts, Alaskan jade, two small bronzes - a bunny and a penguin - that belonged to my father.  The tiny pieces you see on the black felt disk in the pic above range in size from 6/16ths" (a bit short of 1 cm) to 3/4" (c. 2 cm).   

4th shelf down are a Godfrey tureen and, very tiny and right in the middle in front of the tureen, a scrimshaw salmon and puffin from Alaska.

On the 5th shelf are some special cobalt glass pieces; we gave most of the cobalt glass collection to friends when we moved from Lexington - just too much and nowhere to put it here.  Don't worry, we kept more than enough. 

At bottom is my Classical shelf.  The piece in the middle is a high quality reproduction of a 5th-century kalyx from Athens.  The paper sheep in the corner was one of a small flock that grazed on top of our wedding cake.