28 September 2008

Moving along...

We come to Ketchikan, famous for its fisheries and site of an Encampment of the Imperial Frontier Regiments. Note the lovely rushing stream and monument to the Imperial Salmon Stocks.
There's also an Imperial Seaplane Base.
There is much lovely nature and more rain forest.
The place also lends itself to the objet trouvé photography We so enjoy.
The locals are into art verité as well, as can be seen from this amusing installation found in someone's back yard.
The Imperial Encampment is located along a stream, making for convenient fishing to feed the hungry troops.
We also made sure to visit with the local morale officers to assess the spirit of the regiment.
They submitted a good report, though I might need to speak to the Provost Marshall about certain... uh... quality control issues with some of the morale personnel - if you catch my drift.